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Polo fashion label will always be associated with the classic Polo shirt, the fashion breakthrough invention of Ralph Lauren. Before Ralph Lauren, polo players wore dress shirts which collars didn't stay in place. Polo game required elegant attire, and when polo comfortable t-shirt with a collar was introduced, it became an international best seller not only for sport, but also for causal and even business ware. American clothing style has evolved taking the Polo shirt with it throughout decades. Polo glasses are made in the same style to not only be comfortable, but also beautiful and adaptable to what they are worn with.

Polo glasses are very popular for their comfort and the price. Just like Polo shirt, Polo eyeglasses are affordable despite an amazing quality because Ralph Lauren brand is made to be accessible for everyone. Made in the most classic shapes, Polo glasses and sunglasses will match any style of yours. Even if your style changed, Polo glasses will adopt to work with your new look in years to come.